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Put Your Brain Muscle to Work Playing Fun Physics Games

If you’re the type of online games player who loves getting his/her mind teased while killing some free time on the internet, if your idea of fun is closely related to that of getting yourself absorbed in pulling off the perfect strategies, the right solutions for solving all kinds of puzzles, if that’s what relaxes you, usually, well, then we two sure have a lot in common!

Office Time Wasting Champion

If you think that physics cannot be fun, wait until you play this physics game! It’s one of my favorites especially because its developers have decided to add the fun factor to it, too! Basically what you need to do is help one lazy fellow make those dreadfully long hours at the office pass quicker and in pleasant way by… tossing paper balls into the dustbins. He sure is far, far from winning the title of the “employee of the month”, but he’s so close to becoming a true “office time wasting champion”. If you have a weakness for challenging shooting puzzle games, you must be already accustomed to this type of game-play: you set the angle of your throw, moving the cursor on your screen, then its power, as well, and then… you release the mouse left button and launch your missile, hopefully, in the targeted zone. To this, add a lazy fat clerk and his idea of coping with another dull day at the office and you’ll get an addictive Scary Maze Game 1 to kill some time… at the office or anywhere you like, while working your brain muscle, too!

Jelly Cannon

This mind-challenging game, with its eye-catching bubbly, jelly-made characters, is another game that has quickly caught my attention and turned me into one of its biggest fans, while I was looking for catchy physics games online. How could you not fall for it? First of all, its slightly cartoon-like graphics and cute bubbly characters trick you into thinking that your tasks are going to be some super easy ones. Well, you should know that starting with the second level things get trickier and trickier. Your job is to keep popping little angry-faced bubbles and aim at the yellow jelly bubbles on your screen, making them reunite and grow into one single huge yellow bubble. Rely on your strategy skills for setting THE perfect angles before launching each one of those tiny bubbles and making those yellow jelly bubbles bump into one another! The more purple little bubbles you’ll fire at them, the less chances you’ll get to actually unite those jelly-made yellow ones, so… think over your every shot!

Dummy Never Fails

Very much related to the previous 2 games, “Dummy Never Fails”, too, is on my list of shooting puzzle games with a… twist of physics! I could launch that dummy over and over again and I love how the strategically displayed fix and mobile platforms challenge me to pull off the best strategy for firing my Mutilate A Doll 2. It also comes with the goal of causing the least amount of pain to your rag doll as possible and some cool skin upgrades that you can use for… fixing your rag doll after all those brutal falls and violent hits. As in the other two games, you move the cursor until you decide upon the perfect shooting angle and then shoot, making your dummy hit the target object. As its tutorial says: “distance from cannon determines the force”!


The fourth physics tunnel rush on my list sets itself apart from the rest with its different type of game-play. You no longer strategically launch stuff and hit specific target items on your screen, but you… draw. That’s right! Of courses, it’s no doodle competition, but using your knowledge of geometry and great precision for drawing different kinds of protection walls, drawing lines along the blank forms on your screen. The game plot, too, is a catchy one: you’re the “guardian angel” of a poor helpless philanthropist chased by a team of gangsters. They’re determined to fire bombs at him in order to eliminate the poor fellow, so you need to master handle that onscreen pencil for drawing the blank defense walks that will keep him safe from a… violent death. Carefully draw those lines along the given blank forms, uniting all the corners and keeping it straight, for if you don’t stick to the given patterns, your walls might not come out right and turn, from protection into some… deadly weapons for your helpless, goofy-looking protegee!

League Of Legends Champion Tier List

League of Legends is on the list of most popular online multiplayer games. For the first time, the game was launched in 2009. The company that produced the game is known as Riot Games. Originally, it was made for PC and Mac. Let’s read more about this game.

As with any other game you can find online, this game features a 5v5 mode. In this mode, a pair of teams takes part in a competition and the aim is to destroy the base of the enemy known as Nexus. And for this a map is used by the unblocked game 66 teams.

Apart from the 5v5 feature, you also have the option to use 3v3. If you like Dominion, you will like this game as well. Your objective is to get objective points in order to damage the enemy Nexus health.

Influence Points

During the gameplay, you make use of the influence points in the form of a currency. Your aggregate earnings are based on a number of factors, such as bots quantity, the game result and summoner level, to name a few. You can also choose to use the points to purchase in-game items, such as champions and runes.

Riot Points

This alternate currency is offered to both teams. If you want to get this currency, you can buy it with PayPal, credit/debit cards, and the game cards.

You can use the Riot Points to rune pages, unlock Clicker Heroes 2 champions and different types of boosts. However, you can’t spend them on runes. As a player, you can get Riot Points from other activities. For instance, you can recommend the game to your family members or friends for earning points.


With Runes, you can customize your League of Legends. You can amplify your statistics, such as movement speed, manna regeneration, and health, to name a few. This allows you to enjoy your game without the champion change based on the options at your disposal.


You can choose from a number of champions, and each week it goes up. You can use Riot Points or Influence points for the purpose of unlocking the champions prior to putting them to use. However, you can find many champions to play for free. This allows you to test them before you go ahead and buy them. You can get different types of champions, such as tanks, support, janglers, casters, bruisers and assassins.

Ranks and Awards

Both regular games and ranked matches are similar: however, based on the game results, you get a rank. This system is known as ELO ranking. Actually, this is a situation where you have broke players. Due to the unique game design, this aspect of the ELO system is a bit challenging.

So, if you have been thinking of playing League of Legends, we hope that this introduction and the tips it has will help you during the game play. You may want to keep in mind that this is an online multiplayer game and it will be played with more than one player.

What Is Minecraft?

This game is also called sandbox game because it provides some adventure features.

This is played online on web browser free of cost. This can be downloaded at the very reasonable and cheap price. Minecraft is basically very much similar to infiniminer game. It can be played by single or multiple players.

This game revolves around constructing the 3D blocks and protecting from monsters by sheltering and surviving through energy to be taken in form of food. The world of game is invented as a player want or as a player imagination.

This provides various ranges for the player to keep the game interesting and fascinating from Deserts to the snowfields.

Minecraft Skin Editor is now availing in various modes. These modes are just tremendous:

• Creative – This mode is just for a player to build or destroy the structures at their own mood they are not died because of hunger and drowning. If a player wants to quit just to fall down to void. In this a player can not harm or destroy the other player.

• Survival – As the name suggests survival the mode is just for the player to survive at the specific terms that it must be protected from the monster and for protecting from the monster the player have their weapons. Skin Stealer player in this mode is depending on food to be refilled at various times it required like bread etc. Two players can fight in this mode.

• Hardcore – In a Hardcore mode which is also a variant of Survival mode, differing primarily by being locked to the hardest game play setting and features their world of their imagination is deleted after the death of player.

• Adventure – This is also a variant of survival mode and in this mode player cannot build and destroy the blocks.


Classic version – This version is just free to play this is not longer updated for the user but it gives the functionality only the creative mode. Older versions are also there for the users.

How to play?

For a beginner to the game this is suggested to have a look on controls for the building block game as well as this is beneficial for the players to hold the resources for hiding at the nights. Some basic controls are given below:

W – it is used to move forward
S – it is used to move backward
A – it is used to move left side
D – it is used to move right side
Space is used to jump
Left Shift is used for holding to protecting blocks from falling and sliding down ladders. Mine Blocks For minecraft skin editing.

The player is free to build the structures freely but some limits also exist for moving up and down and vertically.

During the game the player encounters various non-human creatures, referred to as mobs. During the daytime, non-hostile animals which can be hunted for food for getting energy. Hostile mobs, such as large spiders, skeletons and the dangerous exploding Creeper only bring out in darkened areas like caves or during night time. Try This:

Best .io Games You Can Only Play on PC

Do You Remember Playing Snake on a Nokia? It was during days long past when Snake ruled supreme on Nokia phones. It was the game that everyone loved because it provided hours of mindless play without getting bored. It’s the game that never stops giving.

Unfortunately, the days of sturdy Nokia phones are over and Snake seems to be a thing of the past. Or is it?

The jogofriv below seem to have a lot in common with Snake, although each of them are slightly different. They’re PC games, in this case that means “browser games,” so they can be played on all operating systems. Which means you can get your Snake fix while going about your day.

Who wouldn’t want that?

So, here you are: The 3 Best .io Games You Can Only Play on PC (rated from most challenging to least)!

First on our list is Unblocked Games at School, and you won’t be sorry. is the game on this list that seems to pose the biggest challenge. The goal of the game seems to be to get to the green box. But watch out, some of the levels are cooperative, so you’ll want to make sure you have a buddy. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting on some levels FOR-EV-ER!

Each level poses a new challenge, and while it’s not exactly like Snake, it does have Snake like qualities. In the end, it’s all fun with cursors.

2. is a different story from It’s more challenging than our number one contender, but less than our number three. With the goal of the game is to eat the bigger blobs by spewing out some type of goo. The longer you can make your “slug,” the better off you’ll be.

But, is Snake-like because of the form that the blob takes, and because you’re trying to make it longer. The game becomes challenging because while making your “slug” longer you are also supposed to be destroying your opponents by consuming them.

1. is probably the most similar to Snake and the least challenging. You have the same goals that you do in Snake, the only difference between the two games being that is in 3D and does not require the player to follow a block-like path.

Instead, you get to roam around all over the screen. Unlike, does not have any type of extra stuff, unless you count the ability to move fast. here is another great game name, Scary Maze Game for fun lover.

That being said, is the easiest of these three .io game. But keep in mind that being the easiest does not mean that the game itself is a piece of cake. It still takes some ingenuity to avoid running into the other snakes.

Learn Through Online Coloring Pages

The mind is the most delicate, most sensitive instrument in our body. A child’s mind is an amazing mechanism. When his mind works in one way, it can carry him forward to outstanding success. But the same mind operating in a different manner can produce a failure.

The body is what the body is fed. By the same token, a child’s mind is what it is fed. If you are a very keen parents wanting to (fed or) give your child every advantage when it comes to his early childhood education and development, to your surprise you will find one of the best teaching resource to be found is online draw my thing coloring pages. Consider how this inexpensive material can serve as a best food to satiate the hunger of your child’s mind.

Coloring pages are the ultimate head start for any parent looking to give their child an advantage in learning various skills.

At the Kindergarten level it is amazing to see the kids yet to start writing and reading started controlling and using mouse and can click on files to open or close them.

Parents can easily leave their children all by themselves after a little assistance in the beginning to let them go through their journey to encounter each alphabet with amazement as each of these has a different story to tell in the coloring pages. The amazing world of attractive colors maintains 100% focus thus achieving complete concentration resulting in complete comprehension of the subject matter.

Armed with coloring pages for their aid is no longer a subject to fear with. Bright colors, easy to identify shapes and drawings your child will love populate this interactive universe. They are ready to help your child, learn, laugh, and play. You won’t believe how fast your child will learn!

Parents will be overwhelmed by watching them having fun with numbers, enjoying while understanding the geometrical shapes, concepts etc.

Thanks to coloring pages, improved fine motor skills help children manipulate small objects and learn how to write, grasp objects, and fasten things such as buttons on clothing. Therefore,

having weak fine motor skills affects a child’s ability to eat, write legibly, and perform certain tasks such as getting dressed each day. Preschoolers develop their fine motor skills best when they work on a vertical or near vertical surface with the wrist extended in the direction of the hand. This makes coloring with coloring pages one of the best activities for strengthening muscles and a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills.

While using these pages you can see many kids working in computer lab together and not one kid’s picture would look like another’s.

The advantage of coloring pages must be exploited to its fullest as there is a treasure of these. They cover plenty of topics designed in order to meet the choices and desires of different age groups of children.

The role of parents and teachers is that they choose the best ones for their little ones from these plentiful sites of coloring pages according to the requirements of the subject. They must keep in mind the things that are important. They are clear interface, uncluttered features, and easy to use menu.

Ben 10 Games Latest Addition In Children Must Play Games

The Ben Ten diversions are marvelous for kids as they offer the most energizing possibility not to be only maybe a couple but rather ten superheroes in the meantime. Each child dream these amusements are very prevalent among the children from 4 to 15 years. The children in this age are constantly courageous and attempt to investigate making, breaking, and looking through the world around, with recreations like Ben 10 Games Online you can guarantee their wellbeing effectively.

The world pioneers may at present be battling for the effect of green house impact, our Scary Maze Game 1 is constantly cheerful to work for making the greener planet. Who else can know the effect of disregarding nature and being outcast best then the individual extremely observing things from such a large number of points of view?

Battling with the outsiders and space animals isn’t a disengaged work, numerous a period Sort The Court Game communicates with companions and other individuals whom he tries to save. This can be the primary genuine lesson for some on dealing with others in desperate hour.

There has been many examples when the children dealt with the odd circumstances, in actuality, better in light of these recreations as well, so giving the children a chance to play these amusements can make them answerable national as reward with having most extreme pleasure in the extra time.

The majority of the diversions in view of the Ben 10 are intended to cover just brief timeframe, so the children can appreciate playing these without missing any home work. Playing these recreations with children may sound senseless yet you can have the quality time that you generally wanted.

The super powers of Ben are regularly very interesting as well, so kids get comical inclination close by in managing physical viewpoints as well. This could be open up their eyes to being satisfactory to each one around them the way they are. Ben is dependably a genuine and considerate mindset kid with his super powers he can truly help the children to manage the companion weights viably too.

Have you tried your hands at Free Rider 2 Game

Have you attempted your hands at Free Rider 2 yet? In the event that you haven’t then I am cheerful to reveal to you that the most recent spin-off of Free Rider web-toy has hit the lanes. This most recent rendition has enhanced quality as far as illustrations and gameplay. The individuals who are lunatics of Flash diversions will totally adore it. Free allows you to ride a bicycle or some other vehicle on a street. An extraordinary street, a street which will be worked by none other than you. To top everything you can control the rider through keys and fabricate the street itself. Cool Huh? Truly it is.

This is a web-toy which caused a significant buzz when the prior variant discharged. The designers have included a couple of highlights en route in this second one. You can include bends, straight lines, circles, collectable Items in the guide while building it. The altering knowledge will be much smoother this time. The alternative of altering the foundation is another expansion to the diversion. The experience will resemble Soccer Physics Unblocked with altering programming.

This isn’t all; you will have pre-arranged codes of different maps to actualize in the correct board. Simply click open at the left toolbar and duplicate glue the guide code in the place and snap apply. A radical new custom level is prepared for you to play. Prevalent codes are Heaven or Hell, Bmx track, City Meyham, Trampoline et cetera.

You can include highlights like moderate movement, bombs and catalysts in the way. This time there are more alternatives for you to ride. Alongside the bicycle Unicycle, Truck, hot air Balloon and so on likewise is on offer. You can utilize the gravity further bolstering your good fortune in this release yet it might turn out the inverse for you. With respect to codes of the diversion, you can make codes yourselves however the best thing is that there are a large number of codes accessible in the web. For example, few maps are, paradise and heck, City Mayhem, track with shrouded courses and so forth. Here, individuals post outline and examine about highlights of the diversion. Don’t hesitate to peruse through. also try Run 4 Game